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Italian Registrar Nic for WHCMS


Nikita is a EPP module for WHMCS.


  • register domains with EPP protocol
  • modify the Admin,Tech and register contacts data
  • get the transfercode for a domain name
  • transfer a domain name to your NIC.IT account
  • renew a domain name
  • automatic Registrar Accreditation Procedure script test

New! (05/05/2011): Import domains name from a "RAIN-NG v2.0.2 (Tatooine)" already account was tested ond work fine !!

New! (26/04/2011) : A stand alone versione is available with many functions an a automatic php script for "Registrar Accreditation Procedure"

Note: If you want customization or  you have sales/Technical question fill the contact form

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