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ispcp WHMCS module hosting





AutomatiKo is the name of our Whmcs module for connect to Ispcp.


  • Add and remove user/domain automatic / manually
  • Crea packages with many variants Mysql databases ,Mysql users, Ftp´s account, mails.....and more
  • Webmail link button
  • Support "Over SSL"
  • Automatic login to ISPCP account without user/password ( for Brave people without ssl)

For assistance, mods, request or a beer contact me here.

- Gallery Screenshots (april 5 2011 )

 Next step:

  • Add a disable/enable button (an automatic procedure for expires plans)
  • Add a space/trafic sync procedure
  • Add a contact info sync procedure
  • If you have any idea please sendit!
  • automatically create one ftp account (on development)
  • automatically create one MySql Db with User (on development)
  • automatically install wordpress, joomla...others
  • Adding SSL on/of swith

    Notes: for allow the login from the WHMCS serve to ispcp (before 1.0.7) you have to change one line on the ISPCP server on the install path includes/login.php (/var/www/ispcp/gui/include/login.php)

    On line linea 226
    if (isset($info[´host´]) && !empty($info[´host´])) {
    if (isset($info[´host´]) && !empty($info[´host´]) && $info[´host´] !="") {
    in this way you don´t have to disable the security option "Prevent external login"


Full support ispCP Omega 1.1.0 Beta 1 build: 20110602  on Squeeze (Gnu/Linux Debian) was added, the database creation and ftp creation work fine but Im want to try with lighttpd to add some functions like "daemon restart", "site full backup" and "software install".

1/06/2011 UPDATED
Full support to ISPCP Omega 1.0.7 ISPCP Omega 1.0.7 (2010-11-24) on Squeeze (Gnu/Linux Debian).
SSL on/off Switch

27/05/2011 UPDATED
We have found some installation issues about ISPCP Omega 1.0.7 (2010-11-24) on Squeeze (Gnu/Linux Debian). We have found this problems today and we are working on to fix it. Many Tanks to Alessandro for the feedBack.(solved 1/06/2011)

26/04/2011 UPDATED

Gnu/Debian Squeeze is 100% supported

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